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Health Checks

Looked After Children and Young People’s Health Team

We are a team of nurses who support the health needs of children and young people in care. We are supported by coordinator’s who deal with the administrative part of the team.  We work closely with your social worker and other agencies to ensure that all your health needs are met.

The team members are - 

Nicola Bescoby – Named Nurse for Looked after Children and Leaving and After Care

Rachael Schofield – Named Nurse for Looked after Children and Leaving and After Care

Lilly Mitchell - Looked after Children's Nurse

Laura Bowes - Looked after Children's Nurse

Louise Barrett - Looked after Children's Nurse

Emma Field - Looked after Children’s Co-ordinator

Melanie Brandon - Looked after Children Co-ordinator

Claire Cornelius - Looked after Children's administrator

Our contact number is 01234 310165 (Monday to Friday, 09.00hrs to 17.00hrs).  We are unable to take urgent calls regarding your health, but please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you feel low or have a health need that you are unsure of, please contact your own G.P (doctor) as soon as possible.

Your health.

All children and young people in care are required have a health assessment once a year, until your 18th birthday. This is to make sure you are getting all the health care that you need. It is also a chance for you to ask us any health questions that you might have, or to talk about any health worries.
We are here to help you to start to make your own health choices, especially as you get older.

Your first health assessment

Your first health assessment (also called an initial health assessment) is carried out by a Doctor.  They will ask you about how you are feeling and ask questions about your health.  They will also listen to your heart and lungs and feel your tummy. You will NOT have to get fully undressed for this but will have to lift your top up for the doctor to examine you. 

You can have your carer, key worker or social worker with you if you want them to be there.  

Quite often, if you are older, you may want to talk to the nurse or doctor on your own.

For young people, we will request your consent to do the assessment. We will also discuss information sharing with you at the time of the assessment.  We will always explain what is going to happen first.  We will talk to you about your health, and ask about how you are feeling. For younger children, we will ask your carer/keyworker some questions too.

Your height and weight will be checked with your permission.

We will check whether you have had all the injections (immunisations), which are recommended.  We will not give you any injections at your health assessment; this will be arranged at your doctor’s at a later date if they are required.

Your review health assessment

This health assessment is usually completed by a registered nurse.  This could be one of the LAC health team from above, a member of a LAC team that is local to where you live, a school nurse or a health visitor.  You can also be seen by your doctor (also known as your GP) or a community paediatrician (if you already see one regularly). 

Your review health assessment will be similar to your first assessment.  We do not check your heart, lungs or tummy, unless you are seen by the doctor, who will discuss the reasons for this with you at the time of the assessment.

We look at many things that may affect your health and well-being, such as how school is for you? What your hobbies and interests are, what your diet and exercise pattern is and talk to you about how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Leaving and After Care

One of our nurses can offer you support up to the age of 25. They will be able to talk to you about all areas of your health, including sexual health, smoking and the use of any substances.

If you would like support with any of these the nurse can refer you to the right agency to help you, in confidence. You will also be provided with a personal health plan (also known as a Health Passport) for when you are leaving care, which includes your immunisation history, dental history and other medical appointments.

After your assessment

The doctor or nurse will discuss a health plan at your assessment.  This is written up for you as a summary and care plan. You will be sent a copy of this.  Your carer/keyworker and social worker will also be sent a copy and also your GP (doctor).

You can help to suggest what will be written in the plan. For example, if you need more exercise in your lifestyle, which type would suit you best.

Your health plan and summary will be discussed at each LAC review you have.  This is to ensure that the care plan is working for you and if there are any changes that need to be made.


Your health is private.  This means that anything discussed with you and your doctor or nurse is confidential.  The doctor and/or nurse will discuss with you what goes onto your care plan before it is distributed.  If we are concerned about your safety or well-being (or someone else’s safety) we would need to discuss this with your social worker.

Where possible we will inform you why we need to share our concerns, and explain what we expect to happen if we discuss things with other professionals.




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